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Sewing is super fun!

I’m Jaime and I love to sew! I’ve been sewing since I received a Romper Room Sew Easy for Christmas when I was 4, but really I fell in love during my high school Home Ec courses when I realized I could customize my offbeat thrift store finds and make my very own clothes ala Pretty in Pink. There was a whole lot of trial and error, usually involving masses of silk flowers which I applied to everything I wore!

Here at Gingham & Eyelet, we offer sewing classes, camps and workshops for both kids and adults alike. I hope to create a positive and helpful community where all sewers feel welcome. If you are up for a new adventure mixed with some fun projects along the way, stop in at Gingham & Eyelet and see what is happening in our studio!   Let’s get you started on your sewing journey today!

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