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Sew To Go!

Attention all sewers! Are you ready to add some awesome sewing to your next event? Share your love of sewing. Gather up your friends and we’ll do the rest!

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 I’m Jaime and I love to sew! I’ve been sewing since I received a Romper Room Sew Easy for Christmas when I was 4, but really I fell in love during my high school Home Ec courses when I realized I could customize my offbeat thrift store finds and make my very own clothes ala Pretty in Pink. There was a whole lot of trial and error, usually involving masses of silk flowers, which I applied to everything I wore.

Over the years, I’ve taught myself to sew everything from quilts to dresses to handbags. I’ve also taught many children to sew, including my own. I’m so excited to bring my love of sewing to both children and adults. In my opinion, sewing is one of the most empowering skills anyone can own. I hope to create a positive and helpful community where all sewers feel welcome.

If you are up for a new adventure mixed with some fun projects along the way, stop in at Gingham & Eyelet and see what is happening in our studio! Let’s get you started on your sewing journey today!

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